“Finally, You Can Master the SAME Illustration Methods and Strategies Used in Some of Hollywood’s Biggest Blockbuster Hits...
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Even on a Shoestring Budget Using Basic Skills!
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RE: Building Miniature Sets...

Nearly 4 years ago, I made two discoveries that forever changed my ideas about the possibility of ME being able to illustrate Children’s books. The first discovery I made was a photo series called Stormtroopers 365 where the photographer posed Stormtrooper toys in everyday scenes and photographed them…one per day for an entire year. The photos were amazing...and funny. That series combined with my second discovery, a cute wooden Viking character found at a local gift store, led me to begin experimenting with photographing miniatures. And through those early photos, I realized that I was onto something huge…that I could use miniatures to create and photograph “sets” to illustrate Children’s books.

This approach of creating “visual magic” actually is nothing new or secret. Hollywood has used miniature sets for decades in some of the biggest blockbuster movies of all time, like Star Wars, Jurassic Park, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Lord of the Rings and many others. But THAT’S Hollywood and they have deep pockets and access to experienced model builders. 
That’s Great for Them! What About Me?
Great question!

My “revelation” of using miniature sets to illustrate books has led to years of testing, experimenting and honing an art form that is so simple, anyone can use it to create illustrations for their OWN books…even you. In the past, I have shared some of my insights on how to illustrate books using miniatures, but I'm back with incredible new insights and strategies that I haven't shared publicly before now. 
So Why Use Miniature Sets for BOOKS?
Glad you asked! I’ve discovered that the benefits of working with Miniature Sets to create book illustrations are HUGE! Here are just a few…
  • Control over your story environment.
  • No limit to what you can create.
  • Easy to maintain the visual continuity of your images.
  • Easy to change your angle, field-of-view and point of view quickly.
  • The components you incorporate are reusable for other set illustrations.
  • Scenes can be easily be assembled using off-the-shelf elements.
  • You can go simple or complex…it’s up to you.
  • You don’t need fancy, expensive camera gear to get awesome results!
  • The resulting photos are easy to work with and adjust.
Here Are a Few Recent Examples Of Illustrations 
I’ve Created Using Miniature Sets...
In this exciting, brand-new, hands-on workshop, you will discover:
Module One (Webinar): Taught by webinar, Tony provides an Overview, Scale Options for Your Sets, Scene Planning, Resources, Tools and more.

Module Two (In-Person): This is when the fun really begins! Watch as Tony shows you in-person how to work with pre-made scene elements, insights into working in the great outdoors and more.
Module Three (In-Person): Need a building or other scene items for your story? Tony shares his strategies for working with cardboard and foam core, as well as expanded and extruded polystyrene foam to build structures and more.
Module Four (In-Person): This module features more creation techniques including creating master objects for replicating, silicone mold creation, using castable rigid urethane foam, resin, Hydrocal and more.
Module Five (In-Person): Painting and weathering techniques are what gives your scenes their realistic appearance, and that is the focus of this training!

Module Six (In-Person): There are lots of simple methods you can use to add realism and detail to your scenes. In this training, Tony details how you can make grass, leaves for trees, and many other cool additions to your set.
Module Seven (In-Person): Once your set is finished, it’s time to shoot your photos. In this module, Tony demonstrates how to set up your shots, how to light your sets for maximum effect and more.
Module Eight (Webinar): For this final module, we return to the webinar format to discover the best strategies for processing your final photos, creating your illustrations and more.
As you can tell, this is a fun (and full) training that will “set” you up for success with illustrating your books! And here is the best part, these SAME strategies can be used to design and create fun Fairy Gardens, build detailed gaming sets for RPG games like Dungeons and Dragons and more! If you’ve ever wondered how to create your OWN Miniature Sets or want to add to your skills, THIS is the training to invest in! 

Perhaps you’re wondering, “I’ve never done anything like this, will this course be a good fit for me?” Absolutely! You can choose how easy or advanced to create your sets, and the truth is that you can create truly amazing-looking illustrations for your book using the simplest of techniques. I will show you those. So whether you are a beginner just starting out or an experienced artist, you will benefit from the insights and strategies Tony will be sharing during this comprehensive workshop!
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